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"Landslide Hazard" Zone - Saltair Slope Stability Petition

In its current form, the final vote on “Saltair Slope Stability” bylaw 4427, scheduled for this fall, must be delayed indefinitely. Residents of Saltair need the appropriate time to be consulted and to thoroughly learn the implications of this bylaw on their community, home value, and property rights. It seems that proposed bylaw 4427 is, at best, a governmental overreach and, at worst, a preemptive plan to download all legal and financial responsibility onto property owners. If passed, it will likely lead to lower property values and higher insurance rates for properties deemed to be in the “Hazard Zone.” Additionally, virtually any alteration to a property within the designated area would require a costly and time-consuming development permit and geotechnical assessment.


Area G, specifically Saltair, already has very strong property bylaws preventing reckless development, including one that explicitly addresses Oceanside properties. Supplanting these bylaws with proposed bylaw 4427 surely needs a measured and thoughtful second opinion that tackles many of the questions unanswered in the Stantec-Palmer report such as core drilling samples. Furthermore, in their report, Stantec-Palmer admits their report is not exhaustive, and they do not recommend enacting or changing regulation or laws based solely on their account. Even if a thorough second opinion revealed similar recommendations, a comprehensive plan that addresses all of the mitigating risk factors, namely stormwater runoff management, has to be part of the plan moving forward. Lastly, the Ministry of Transportation, which manages and is responsible for many of the ditches and culverts in Area G, must be included in any project moving forward.


  1. Not enough public consultation
  2. Strong bylaws currently in place
  3. No second opinion
  4. Governmental overreach 
  5. No shared governmental responsibilities with property owners
  6. Does not address mitigating risk factors such as stormwater management
  7. Lower property value is likely
  8. Insurance rates will like increase or worse properts may be uninsurable


Sign below and tell your elected officials to vote no on bylaw 4427

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